Mission Statement

The mission of the Glorieta Bttlefield Coalition (GBC), a 501(c)(3) organization, is as follows:
  • To preserve and protect the land and structures pertaining to the three-day battle at Glorieta Pass, New Mexico on March 26-28, 1862.

  • To assist in the acquisition of further lands to protect the Battlefield from development and adverse uses.

  • To work with other organizations, particularly the Friends of Pecos and the National Park Service, to coordinate accessibility to the battlefields and to educate the public.

  • To assist heritage organizations, Civil War Round Tables, visitors, historians, and other interested persons to understand the significance of the Civil War in New Mexico and particularly what happened at Glorieta Pass.

  • To foster community support for the Battlefield and integrate activities with political organizations at the Federal, State, and local area to preserve and protect the battlefield and to make the battlefield more accessible to visitors and improve their educational experience.

  • To assist efforts to preserve and protect other Civil War sites in New Mexico.

  • To educate the public on the historical significance of events in New Mexico during the Civil War Era (1861-1865).

Contact:  James P. Houghton, President, P.O. Box 2168, Albuquerque, NM  87103-2168  -  505/848-1856  -  Fax: 505/848-1891